According to a Psychic Medium


I am Ann, from Psychic Readings by Ann, a gifted psychic medium. Let me clarify what this is, for those who’ve never heard the term or do not know the difference between an ordinary psychic and a medium. To put it in simple words, a medium is someone who is able to communicate with the souls of the departed. Since the spirits of the dead reach me with messages they want to deliver to their living loved ones, I know from experience that there is life after death, that not all is over with the end of our physical bodies.


There are, however, a few things I would like to set straight. I do not possess absolute answers regarding life beyond the material realm. Some things are meant to be secrets, and they are so for a good reason. Most people just aren’t ready for the deep and complicated mysteries of existence. And even I am not told everything about the life that exists after the death of the material body.


What, then, is my role, and how much I can tell and help? I will try to explain by giving an example. Imagine that you have a close relative who is physically dead. Naturally, you feel sadness and pain. The part of your loved one’s essence that never dies – their soul – has left its mortal shell and entered a reality that you are not aware of. However, to them, this reality presents new information – some of which should be kept secret, but some of which they are allowed to share in order to help you. They are allowed to tell you that they continue to exist and they are in a good place, so you don’t grieve too much. They can also deliver messages to you regarding important decisions you have to make your life, give warnings if there is danger ahead of you, and so on.


Only people with certain extraordinary abilities, like me, can help the “dead” deliver their messages to the living. When choosing your trusted psychic medium, you should be careful to choose a person with a true gift and problem ability. In Chicago, IL, I am one. so if you need my assistance, reach me at (773) 281-2100!


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