The Psychic Who Can Help You Discover Peace and Understanding

signHello, and welcome to my website! My name is Anna and I am the sole owner of Psychic Readings by Ann, here in Chicago, IL. With over 30 years of experience as a psychic consultant, I can give answers to a variety of questions.
What Sets Me Apart From the Competition in Chicago, IL?
– The fact that I am both a life coach and a medium, which helps me define your life goals and help you reach them.
– My attitude toward the problems of my each customer, which has never failed to provide them with a solution.
– The fact that I genuinely believe that it is a psychic consultant’s responsibility to help people find their way.

Why Should You Trust Psychic Readings by Ann?
– Because I have been honing in on the spirits of my clients for over three decades.
– Because I pride myself on the positive feedback that I receive on my psychic readings.
– Because I am familiar with all the proven methods of enlightenment and self-rediscovery.

What I can offer help with is affordable assistance with:

– Addiction
– Financial Setbacks and Concerns
– Health Issues
– Love Life Interests and Failures
– Marital Conflicts
– Relationship and Family Issues
– Unhappiness
– Career Advancements And Opportunities

Give your trusted spiritual healer a call and let my psychic readings guide you to a better tomorrow. You can reach me at (773) 281-2100 and consult me regarding anything that is troubling your mind!


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